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Allentown's library media program will enable students to become information literate and effective lifelong readers. The program will provide educational and technological opportunities to our students and staff in keeping with their needs and abilities. The program will enable our students to access, analyze, assimilate, and use information effectively.

Collaborative planning between the library media specialist and teachers is essential to ensure that the library media program is fully integrated into each school's instructional program.

Our media center is focused on developing life-long learners. Students are taught integrated lessons to incorporate classroom content with library and research skills and technology. Common Core Standards are embedded in library lessons, projects, and activities.


Library Hours
8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Checkout/Scheduled Classes
You can search for books and other resources in our library by using Destiny Quest.


Students who read a minimum of 1,000,000 words in our Accelerated Reader program and have a comprehension average of 90% or higher will become a member of the Millionaire's Club. We will celebrate their hard work with lunch and a movie in the media center at the end of the school year.


Students who meet their AR goal all four quarters and have a 90% or higher comprehension average will receive an invitation to attend a Glow party at the end of the year.


We have an individualized Accelerated Reader (AR) program that encourages and rewards students based on their reading needs. Quarterly goals are set based on a computerized assessment (test). Students in kindergarten through fifth grades have nine weeks, one quarter, to meet their AR point goal with a 90% or higher comprehension average. This program allows each student to read on a level that is "just right" for him or her.

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We have a STAR Point Club in the media center where students can earn brag tags to hang on their backpacks during the school year. Kindergartners can earn their first brag tag at 5 points with a 90% or higher comprehension average. They can continue to earn brag tags at 15 and 25 points. First through fifth graders earn their first brag tag at 10 points with a 90% or higher comprehension average. They can continue to earn brag tags at 25, 50, 75, 100, and 125 points. Although students will have a new AR goal each quarter and are expected to meet that goal, AR points are accumulated through the school year.

Dr. Seuss
Wacky Reading Activity

Take a picture of you reading a book in a wacky way and submit it to our Padlet by Wednesday, February 28th. We will draw ten students' names to participate in our Wacky Reading breakfast on March 2nd.

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